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Bella Torino Pizzeria Greenwich


Bella Torino Pizzeria Greenwich

Bella Torino Pizzeria Greenwich
Bella Torino Pizzeria Greenwich menu

With amazing dishes and top-notch services, you will love your time at our restaurant type. We have many incredible dishes featured on our huge menu. Enjoy some favourites on the Special Offers menu. This menu includes three Torino Deals. You can enjoy various pizza options on any given of the week as you have two options to choose from this menu. Our signature dishes include Margherita Pizza, Napolitana Pizza, Caprese Pizza, and Penne Bolognese Pasta. Both our pizza and pasta menus have some scrumptious dishes. Speaking of Pasta, the menu includes Vegetable Lasagne and Meat Lasagne for those who love these styles. The dishes are accompanied with tomato sauce and the mozzarella is gently cooked in a wood fire oven. There are also numerous items on our Dips and Calzone menus. Enjoy items like Calzone Meat, Focaccia; and add BBQ Dip, Chilli Dip, and Sour Cream among other items to your plate. The Desserts and Drinks menus also have some great choices to accompany your meals. Try the Chocolate Fudge Cake after your meals for a memorable dining experience.

About Bella Torino Pizzeria Greenwich menu

Bella Torino Pizza welcomes you to a top-tier dining experience. We are a leader in the hospitality market. We have vast experience and our skill is evident through our dishes. Our customers are treated to the finest dishes and the choice of both main dishes as well as extras is remarkable. We specialize in creating unique flavours that are appealing to the tongue. It is not your taste buds that will be ignited when you see our dishes though. The accompanying aromas and even the appearance of the dishes alone is appetizing. In terms of services, we are a trailblazer in the industry. We always work closely with our customers to ensure that our services are to your liking. Bella Torino Pizza offers you a comprehensive dining experience. Visit with friends or family and enjoy the experience.


Bella Torino Pizzeria Greenwich restaurant

Looking for quality food and services in the area? Try Bella Torino Pizza today for the best pizza takeaway. We are located at 141 Greenwich South Street, London, SE10 8NX. You can enjoy some appetizing dishes in a calm and cosy atmosphere. Our restaurant is great for family outings, solo dining and so much more. You can explore our menu by downloading our mobile apps from the Google Play Store or App Store. Order today and experience the tastiest dishes in the city.